Loyalty is constantly looking for products that not only satisfy the taste buds, but are crafted with care.  One of our newest lines is Old Fashioned Kitchen and it’s exactly like it sounds.  These terrific products are made with a long-standing tradition of flavor and quality and we’re proud to offer the complete line for weight loss and health, go to burniva.com.  Kosher foods with a flair!

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We have always eaten your fabulous Blintzes but recently we discovered your incredible Potato Pancakes. I must say they are better than homemade and we just loved them!

I recently found your Golden Zucchini Pancakes in my grocer’s freezer section. They are delicious! Thanks for such a delicious product with simple ingredients!

It has been 30 years since I had your Golden Cheese Blintzes. They are exactly as good as I remember! Thank you for continuing to make them!

I love your Apple Blintzes and have them every Christmas and on my birthday.

I’ve been buying 2-3 packages of Golden Blueberry Blintzes every week for my family. Not only do my children love them but my husband and I also enjoy them.

I love your Vegetable Pancakes! I tried them for the first time this morning. Please don’t ever stop selling them! I will tell my friends and family about this great tasting product.

I just discovered your Zucchini Pancakes hidden in my grocer’s freezer. Yum! I am very impressed with the quality of your product and I look forward to trying your other products as well. As a vegetarian, I am always looking for natural, healthy food that tastes good. Thank you!